You’ve been checking your email feverishly every day. Refresh, refresh, refresh. When will it come? Finally, you open your inbox and there it is. An email from the Japanese embassy. Inside is the news you’ve been waiting for. You passed the interview stage and are now shortlisted for the JET Program! Being shortlisted means you’re effectively there. You’ll be an official JET participant with just a little more paperwork.

Bad ALT! The Unwritten Rules at Japanese Schools

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme is a Japanese government initiative that brings people from across the globe to Japan in order to foster closer relations between Japan and the world. A few assume the role of Sports Exchange Advisors SEAs , and as professionals assist with sports training and the planning of sports related projects. Please read the Wiki first! Read the FAQ. Be courteous to others.

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Books, eBooks, and more from Dr. Hi Blog. Turning the keyboard over to Debito. Debito Arudou Ph. My landlord, school and board of education will not help me or my wife in recontracting our current place. My school, Hokuryo, used a flat agency last summer August to find adequate housing for my wife and myself. Due to their lack of due diligence and responsible research, we moved in and signed a contract all in Japanese not explained to us when I first arrived that the landlord and his wife did not want friends or family visiting my wife and me.

I replied that we trust our guests and also to remind them that nowhere in the contract I signed said this.


Applicants for the ALT Assistant Language Teacher position are not required to have prior knowledge of the Japanese language, although it is beneficial and highly recommended to have some speaking ability before going to Japan. Those applying for the CIR Coordinator for International Relations position must have at least a semi-advanced to advanced level of Japanese proficiency. CIR duties usually involve translation and interpretation of official government communication, so as a benchmark applicants should have approximately JLPT level N2 or above Japanese proficiency in order to be considered eligible.

The application and selection process for the JET Program is handled by the at least a Bachelor’s degree or obtain such qualifications by the designated date.

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Participants currently come from a total of 40 countries. Holders of Japanese passports may participate in the programme, but must renounce their Japanese citizenship to do so. The number of alumni totals over 57, from 54 different countries.

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The JET Programme: JET FAQ

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(Those who possess dual citizenship with Japan must renounce their Japanese citizenship before the date for submission of the Jet Programme Reply Form).

Already have an account? Log in! Your return flight is considered your final business trip on the JET Programme. Please check with them to see how it will be handled in your case. In order to be eligible for a CO-provided flight home, you must:. If you cannot meet all three of these conditions, your CO will no longer be obligated to provide you with a return trip home.

Generally, you will be expected to take a direct flight to your original port of departure in your home country as is outlined in the GIH. However, if you wish to, and your CO is in agreement, other arrangements may be possible. Please be prepared by this time to provide at least a rough outline of your return travel plans e. For more information, refer to your General Information Handbook p. Talk to your tantousha about it. Some schools might plan on buying your ticket for you.

Building community, one JET at a time.

Click here to begin the application process, and good luck! The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, or JET Programme, seeks to enhance internationalisation in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between the people of Japan and those of other nations. The Programme aims to enhance foreign language education and promote international exchange at the local level through the fostering of ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth alike.

The objectives of the Programme are being achieved by offering JET Programme participants the opportunity to serve in local authorities as well as public and private elementary, junior high and senior high schools in Japan. The Programme started in with cooperation from governments of participating countries.

Your return flight is considered your final business trip on the JET Programme. expect the JET to buy the ticket first, and then reimburse them at a later date.

Beginning in , the Japanese government started to incorporate foreigners into public junior high and high schools in order to bring something lacking in the education system: correct English pronunciation and exposure to ideas outside of Japan. Be interested in Japan, and be willing to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of that interest after arrival. Applicants with a suspended jail term must have finished their period of probation by the time they submit their application form.

Be a citizen not just a permanent resident of the country where the recruitment and selection procedures take place. Those who possess dual citizenship with Japan must renounce their Japanese citizenship before the date for submission of the Jet Programme Reply Form. Applicants who have dual citizenship may only apply in ONE country. In principle, be less than forty 40 years of age as of April 1st, One of the main purposes of the Programme is to foster exchange between Japanese youth and young professionals from the countries participating in the Programme.

Have excellent pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and voice projection skills in the designated language, in addition to other standard language skills. Have good writing skills and grammar usage.

JET Program

Seebaran got married in December and said he and his wife now have a daughter, and although he was worried about how his daughter, being of mixed race, would be treated, he said his community is very welcoming:. Before she was born, I had a huge fear about her being treated differently, being half Trinbagonian and half Japanese. But after spending so much time, sharing my culture with my fellow co-workers and neighbours, I realized that things will be ok.

After living in Japan for about 2 years, I found myself looking for companionship.

Date/Time Date(s) – 06/10/ pm – pm. Location EAS Purple Lounge. Category(ies). JET Programme Information Session.

View Full Version : Dating Coworkers. Is this generally frowned upon? Obviously it might lead to some awkward interactions if you’re dating your JTE or something, but is it rare? Is it something that the other teachers would think is weird? Aside from this fact most teachers wont damage their career on a one year fling with the latest JET monkey. The official line for Japanese teachers is relationships are not allowed and if it is discovered one partner will be transferred.

My JTE is getting married to the hot math teacher in January. I believe both were going to be moved in April anyways as that’ll be 3 years at the school for both, so kocho is letting them stay the last four months as long as they keep it a secret from the kids.

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